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Yeni Raki Giz Craft Raki No.2 (500ml - 68%)

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Yeni Raki GIZ Craft Raki is the exceptional second instalment in the "Kraft Rakı" series meticulously crafted at Yeni Rakı's cutting-edge boutique facility in Alaşehir.

This artisanal craft raki is born from the essence of 100% raisins, distilled three times in small 500-liter alembics, ensuring a unique and limited production each year. Yeni Raki GIZ undergoes a transformative aging process in select barrels, including those previously used for raki, brandy, Boğazkere, and Öküzgözü wines, resulting in a distinguished character.

At an impressive 68% alcohol content, Yeni Raki GIZ beckons the connoisseur to explore its complexities by offering a balance of aromas through a recommended water-to-raki ratio. The label advises adding two parts water to one part Yeni Rakı GIZ, unlocking its full bouquet and mitigating the potency of its high alcohol concentration.

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In the glass, the distinct notes of grape, gum, oak, subtle vanilla, and spice unfold, creating an aromatic and full-bodied symphony. Best enjoyed at a one-to-one water ratio, Yeni Raki GIZ unveils its softer side, making it an ideal companion for cold appetizers or as a digestif.
For those seeking an avant-garde drinking experience, Yeni Raki GIZ Craft No:2 invites exploration with various water ratios, allowing you to tailor the drink to your individual taste. With its boldness akin to Cask Strength whiskies, it stands as a "discovery" raki, encouraging enthusiasts to find the perfect water-raki equilibrium.

More Information
Real Barcode8697530217194
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeCork
Bullet Point 1Crafted in Yeni Rakı's new boutique facility in Alaşehir, Yeni Raki Giz is the second edition in the "Kraft Rakı" series, distilled three times from 100% raisins and aged in barrels of Giz, Brandy, Öküzgözü, and Boğazkere
Bullet Point 2Produced in small 500-liter alembics, Yeni Raki Giz is a limited annual release, showcasing the "kraft" label and distinguishing itself as Turkey's first kraft raki
Bullet Point 3The use of smaller stills during a 72-hour, 5-time distillation process contributes to its distinctive quality, aligning with boutique series found in foreign liquor companies
Bullet Point 4Best enjoyed with a one-to-one water ratio, diluting it to approximately 34% alcohol, Yeni Raki Giz offers a remarkably soft drink, complementing long-term tables with cold appetizers or as a digestive at the end of a meal
Bullet Point 5With a high alcohol level, Yeni Raki Giz positions itself as a "discovery" raki, allowing enthusiasts to experiment with water-raki ratios to suit their taste preferences
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