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Tekirdag Rakisi Raki Gold (700ml - 45%)

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Tekirdağ Rakısı Raki Gold, a traditional Turkish spirit, is crafted from meticulously distilled grapes and infused with aniseed. This beloved beverage holds a special place in Turkey's drinking culture, often being savoured during meals or festive get-togethers.

Distinguished by its captivating golden hue, Tekirdağ Rakısı Raki Gold boasts a pronounced anise flavor harmoniously intertwined with the luscious sweetness of the grapes. Its unparalleled quality arises from the meticulous selection of ingredients and adherence to time-honored distillation techniques.

To enhance the drinking experience, Tekirdağ Rakısı Raki Gold undergoes a meticulous aging process in oak barrels. This aging imparts an extra layer of depth and complexity to the spirit, allowing it to develop rich and nuanced flavours over time.

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Tekirdağ Rakısı Raki Gold is a traditional Turkish spirit that is made from distilled grapes and aniseed.  It is a popular drink in Turkey and is often enjoyed during mealtimes or social gatherings.

This particular raki has a unique golden color and a distinct anise flavor that is balanced with the sweetness of the grapes.  It is a high-quality spirit that is produced using only the finest ingredients and traditional distillation methods.

Tekirdağ Rakısı Raki Gold is best enjoyed by diluting it with cold water and serving it with appetizers such as cheese, olives, or meze dishes.  It can also be served as a digestif after a meal.

Overall, Tekirdağ Rakısı Raki Gold is a delicious and versatile spirit that offers a true taste of Turkey's rich culinary culture.

More Information
Real Barcode8697530204675
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeScrew Cap
Bullet Point 1Made from high-quality grapes: Tekirdag Rakisi Raki Gold is made from carefully selected, high-quality grapes grown in the Tekirdag region of Turkey, known for its ideal growing conditions.
Bullet Point 2Double-distilled for a smooth taste: This raki is double-distilled using traditional methods, resulting in a smooth, velvety texture and a rich, complex flavor.
Bullet Point 3Infused with anise: Tekirdag Rakisi Raki Gold is infused with anise, which gives it its signature licorice-like flavor and aroma.
Bullet Point 4Best served chilled: To fully enjoy the flavors of Tekirdag Rakisi Raki Gold, it is best served chilled, ideally with a side of meze (Turkish appetizers).
Bullet Point 5It is distilled multiple times and aged in oak barrels to achieve a smooth and rich flavor profile.
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