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PROTOTİP : RAKI LOT 2023_0003 (700ml - 45%)

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To make Rakı, Prototip it begins with “Suma,” a distillate made from fermented must. Typically, a distillation column is used, which allows for continuous distillation and a more efficient process, yielding a clean-tasting distillate with high alcohol content.

At PROTOTIP they strive for something more aromatic and flavourful. Therefore, we distil some of the fermented must the traditional way, using an old copper pot still, similar to the method used for most brandies. During distillation, we discard the heads and tails, collecting only the heart.

At the end of the distillation process, we achieve a spirit with an approximate alcohol content of 73%. This is then diluted with water to reach the desired ABV of 45%. After distillation, the Rakı is left to mature. Maturation is a delicate balance, smoothing out the alcohol and allowing flavours to meld. Do we use steel tanks, oak barrels, other types of wood, clay urns, or a combination? And how long should we age our Rakı?

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LOT 2023_0003 is a unique blend. We continually experiment with new grape varieties, as many have yet to be explored in Rakı production. Last year, we expanded on our experience with Öküzgözü from our first lot and incorporated Sultaniye, a common grape in Rakı production also known for light-bodied wines. After extensive trials with various grapes, we selected Antep Karası. Although primarily a table grape, it produced an exciting, slightly jammy distillate that complemented our other two distillates perfectly. The result is this distinctive blend, culminating in a beautifully aromatic Rakı with a pleasant and long-lasting finish.

Prototip Raki believes that while science plays a crucial role in crafting excellent Rakı, keen intuition is equally essential. The quality of the ingredients, along with the expertise and meticulous attention to detail, significantly influences the aroma, taste, and overall experience of the spirit.

Turkey boasts a diverse array of grape varieties, with hundreds to choose from. Some are plentiful while others are rare, some well-known and others obscure. In making Rakı, grapes, raisins, or a blend of both can be used.


More Information
ManufacturerMey Icki
Real Barcode8697530217880
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeCork
Bullet Point 1 A delightful, exciting spirit where the distinct flavor of the grape is evident from the first sip
Bullet Point 2 PROTOTIP:RAKI LOT 2023_0003 is a true “blend”. In addition to Sultaniye, we wanted the body of a red grape and chose the aromatic Öküzgözü, usually used in fine wines with bold, fruity flavors
Bullet Point 3 LOT 2021_0002 is made from the following distillates: 45% Sultaniye column, 45% Öküzgözü column, and 10% Öküzgözü copper pot still for depth and smoothness
Bullet Point 4Prototip keep LOT 2021_0002 in old oak vats for 33 days and then transferred to steel tanks to continue the aging process for a balanced result.
Bullet Point 5Prototip use aniseed from the Village of Bayramlar, Tefenni in the Mediterranean province of Burdur. The essential oil content is 2.9%
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