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Tekirdag Rakisi Raki (350ml - 45%)

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Tekirdag Rakisi, also referred to as "Raki," stands as a cherished traditional Turkish libation renowned throughout Turkey and the Mediterranean region. This crystal-clear alcoholic elixir boasts a distinct anise flavour and is meticulously crafted from grapes, subjected to a double distillation process.
The production of Tekirdag Rakisi commences with the utilization of fresh grapes that are expertly crushed to create a mash, subsequently fermented within copper stills. The liquid arising from this fermentation is then distilled twice, yielding a high-proof alcohol, later blended with water to achieve its final form.
Characterized by its pronounced anise notes, Tekirdag Rakisi derives its unique flavour through the infusion of anise seeds during the distillation process. Typically savoured as an aperitif, it often accompanies mezze (the Turkish equivalent of tapas) and various traditional Turkish culinary delights.

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Tekirdag Rakisi, commonly known as "Raki," stands as a cherished traditional Turkish spirit renowned not only in Turkey but also across the Mediterranean region. This transparent, anise-infused alcoholic elixir is meticulously crafted from grapes and undergoes a meticulous double distillation process.
The production of Tekirdag Rakisi commences with the utilization of freshly harvested grapes, which are crushed to form a mash. This mash then undergoes fermentation within copper stills. The resulting liquid is distilled twice, yielding a potent alcohol that is subsequently diluted with water to achieve the final product.
The distinctive essence of Tekirdag Rakisi is marked by its anise undertones, achieved through the inclusion of anise seeds during distillation. Typically savoured as an aperitif, it frequently accompanies mezze (Turkish tapas) and a variety of traditional Turkish delicacies.
Holding a position of high esteem, Tekirdag Rakisi is often hailed as Turkey's national libation. Its velvety and sophisticated flavour profile appeals to both locals and visitors alike. Whether enjoyed straight or diluted with water, Tekirdag Rakisi stands as a beloved beverage deeply entwined with the fabric of Turkish culture and gastronomy.

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Real Barcode8697530200066
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeScrew Cap
Bullet Point 1Traditional Turkish spirit: Tekirdağ Rakısı is a traditional Turkish alcoholic drink that has been enjoyed in Turkey for centuries. It is made from distilled grapes and aniseed, giving it a distinct flavor and aroma.
Bullet Point 2Anise-flavored beverage: The aniseed used in Tekirdağ Rakısı gives it a strong licorice-like flavor and a clear, transparent appearance when mixed with water. It is typically served in a special glass called a "balon" with ice and water.
Bullet Point 3High alcohol content: Tekirdağ Rakısı has a high alcohol content of 45% making it a strong drink that should be consumed responsibly.
Bullet Point 4Food pairing: It is often consumed with meze, which are small dishes of appetizers typically served in Turkey. Some of the most popular meze dishes to pair with Tekirdağ Rakısı include grilled seafood, cheese, and grilled meat.
Bullet Point 5Cultural significance: Tekirdağ Rakısı is an important part of Turkish culture and is often enjoyed during special occasions and social gatherings. It is also known for its unique taste and is a point of pride for many Turks.
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