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EFE Raki Gold (700ml - 45%)

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Introduced in 2015, Efe Raki Gold stands as a testament to the artistry of Turkish distillation. Crafted from Anatolian grapes and aniseed, this spirit undergoes a meticulous aging process. While traditional raki typically matures in stainless steel vats, EFE-Gold takes a different path, resting in oak barrels for an extended 120 days. What sets this offering apart is its absence of added sugar, adhering strictly to Turkish production standards. The result is a rich, smooth flavour profile, a unique colour, and an inviting array of aromas. Technically akin to Italian grappa, this clear brandy embodies centuries of tradition, where pomace from winemaking is fermented, distilled, and combined with anise for a final distillation. Efe Raki Gold 'The Gourmet' emerges from this alchemical dance, distilled with the utmost precision and aged in oak barrels.

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EFE Raki Gold is a Turkish spirit crafted from the finest Anatolian grapes and aniseeds. This exquisite blend is matured for an impressive 120 days, with a portion of that time spent in French oak barrels. This unique aging process imparts a smooth, velvety texture, along with a distinctive hue and a bouquet of inviting aromas. Notably, no sugar is introduced during production, ensuring a pure and authentic taste. To savour its full essence, simply serve by adding water.

More Information
ManufacturerEFE Raki
BrandEFE Raki
Real Barcode8682392502991
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeScrew Cap
Bullet Point 1Made from the finest Anatolian grapes and aniseeds, ensuring top-notch quality.
Bullet Point 2Matured for 120 days, with a portion of the aging process taking place in French oak barrels, imparting a unique flavour profile.
Bullet Point 3Boasts a smooth taste, distinctive colour, and aromatic profile, thanks to its careful maturation process and high-quality ingredients.
Bullet Point 4Contains no added sugar, adhering to the production standards in Turkey for authentic raki.
Bullet Point 5EFE Raki Gold 'The Gourmet' is crafted through a meticulous process, including distillation in traditional copper apparatus and aging in oak barrels, showcasing the dedication to quality and authenticity in Turkish spirits.
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