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Ichnusa Lager (12 x 330ml - 4.7%)

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In the heart of Sardinia, amidst the whispers of ancient traditions, Ichnusa Lager finds its roots. Born from the passion of Amsicora Capra in 1912, this golden nectar was conceived to be the epitome of island conviviality. Interrupted by the tempests of war, its legacy was not extinguished. In 1945, with triumphant resurgence, Ichnusa heralded a renaissance, a beacon of the island's renewed vigor. A celebration of the Anima Sarda, this lager stands as an unwavering tribute to the soul of Sardinia.

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Immersed in the rich tapestry of Sardinian history, Ichnusa Lager carries the legacy of Amsicora Capra, a visionary winemaker who turned his artistry to brewing in 1912. This golden elixir, initially a beacon of island camaraderie, was briefly eclipsed by global turmoil. Yet, like the indomitable spirit of Sardinia itself, Ichnusa resurged in 1945, becoming a fervent symbol of the island's rekindled vitality. A testament to the Anima Sarda, this lager remains an enduring embodiment of Sardinian soul.

More Information
BrandHeineken Italia
Real Barcode5056241719138
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeCrown Cap
Bullet Point 1Ichnusa Lager is a golden brew with a hoppy but moderately bitter taste. It is brewed to a strength of 4.7%, providing a balanced and flavourful experience.
Bullet Point 2Despite facing production discontinuation during a world war shortly after its inception, Ichnusa triumphantly reopened its brewery in 1945, embodying Sardinia's renewed well-being and determination.
Bullet Point 3Ichnusa became a symbol of Sardinia's renewed well-being and has remained an integral part of the island's culture.
Bullet Point 4Born in 1864, Amsicora Capra, a respected winemaker and entrepreneur, laid the foundation for Birra Ichnusa in 1912, creating a legacy that would become a symbol of Sardinia's culture.
Bullet Point 5Ichnusa Lager embodies the spirit and essence of Sardinian culture.
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