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Cisk Maltese Lager (24 x 330ml - 4.2%) CANS

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Cisk Lager Beer, the original creation, boasts a radiant golden hue and is crafted using bottom-fermentation techniques, resulting in a lager with a distinctive and harmonious character. This brew's opulent hop aroma and delightful bitterness have established it as the favoured choice for beer enthusiasts who cherish the authentic taste of its unchanged 1929 recipe.

Since its inception in 1929, Cisk Lager Beer has garnered numerous international accolades, making it a beloved beverage all year round, cherished by the people of the Maltese Islands. It holds a prominent presence in Malta's traditional social band clubs, the "kazini." On scorching summer days, there's no better way to relish this lager than by the sea, chilled, and in the company of friends. Pair it with a barbecue feast or a selection of fresh shellfish, and Cisk will prove to be the ideal companion for your indulgence.


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Cisk Maltese Lager is a refreshing and smooth beer that is crafted with the finest ingredients to deliver a taste that is uniquely Maltese.  Brewed on the Mediterranean island of Malta, this lager is a tribute to the country's rich brewing history and is made using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

With a bright golden color and a crisp, clean taste, Cisk Maltese Lager is the perfect beer to enjoy on a sunny day or to pair with your favorite Maltese dishes.  Its balanced flavor profile features a subtle sweetness that is complemented by a mild bitterness and a delicate hop aroma, creating a refreshing and satisfying drinking experience.

Whether you are exploring the streets of Malta or relaxing at home with friends, Cisk Maltese Lager is the ideal beer to quench your thirst and enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean.  So sit back, relax, and savor the authentic taste of Malta with Cisk Maltese Lager.

More Information
ManufacturerSimonds Farsons Cisk
BrandSimonds Farsons Cisk
Real Barcode5352201000903
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeRing Pull
Bullet Point 1It is brewed using the finest ingredients, including locally sourced barley, hops, and pure Maltese water.
Bullet Point 2Cisk is a popular brand of lager beer that originates from the Mediterranean island of Malta.
Bullet Point 3Cisk has a golden color and a rich, malty flavor, with a mild bitterness and a clean finish.
Bullet Point 4The beer has an alcohol content of 4.2%, making it a refreshing and easy-drinking option for beer enthusiasts.
Bullet Point 5Cisk lager is often enjoyed alongside traditional Maltese dishes, such as pastizzi, rabbit stew, and fish soup.
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