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Curado Espadin Tequila (700ml - 40%)

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Curado Tequila, born from a passion for preserving the agave plant's heritage, utilizes agaves from their respective regions, carefully cooked using traditional techniques. From the Blue Weber agave of Arandas, Jalisco, to the Espadín agave of Valles de Oaxaca, and the Cupreata variety of Morelia Michoacán, each infusion represents the diversity of agave expression across Mexico.

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Curado Espadin Tequila is a true testament to the passion and expertise of its creators, sourcing 100% of the best Agave from the renowned producers of the Oaxaca Valleys. Each agave is meticulously selected to bring forth its wildest and most authentic expression, ensuring that the tequila reflects the plant's entire history in a captivating new product.
This innovative spirit stands as a bridge between traditional Agave distillates, infusing the tequila with a touch of brilliance. Its exquisite amber hue, born from a unique recipe and distinctive ingredients, offers a captivating visual appeal that entices the senses from the very first glance.

Upon savoring this remarkable tequila, you'll be greeted with a delightful smoky note profile that intertwines harmoniously with a subtle hint of sweetness. As the journey continues, your taste buds will be treated to a medley of flavours, culminating in the delightful aftertaste of stewed fruits. Each sip tells a story of artistry and dedication, inviting you to explore the diverse landscapes of Oaxaca in every drop.

Curado Espadin Tequila is an agave-infused masterpiece, an embodiment of excellence and innovation in the world of spirits. Combining the traditional craftsmanship of distillation with the infusion of cooked agave from different varieties, this tequila offers a unique experience unlike any other. The infusion of Espadín Agave adds a mesmerizing touch of citrus, enhancing the tequila's smoky softness and creating a mesmerizing symphony of flavours.

More Information
Real Barcode8437009805831
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeCork
Bullet Point 1: Curado Espadin Tequila is a one-of-a-kind spirit that combines the finest Blue Weber agave with carefully infused cooked Espadin agave, resulting in a distinct and innovative flavour profile.
Bullet Point 2Sourced exclusively from the Oaxaca Valleys, this tequila showcases the best 100% agave from the region, ensuring a truly authentic and traditional taste.
Bullet Point 3: The eye-catching bottle design pays homage to the native Jaguar species found in the Oaxaca region, reflecting the tequila's connection to its place of origin and its commitment to environmental preservation.
Bullet Point 4Crafted in limited quantities, Curado Espadin Tequila is meticulously produced in small batches to maintain its exceptional quality and character.
Bullet Point 5Experience a captivating amber-coloured tequila with a smoky start, subtly sweet undertones, and a delightful finish of stewed fruits, offering a sensorial exploration of agave's rich history in a single sip.
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