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Curado Cupreata Tequila (700ml - 40%)

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The flavour of Curado Cupreata Tequila is a delightful journey for the senses. It begins with an aromatic burst of white pepper, awakening the palate with its invigorating spiciness. As the taste unfolds, a gentle hint of acidity emerges, adding a refreshing tang to the overall experience. The grand finale is a subtle yet delightful touch of chili, adding a nuanced warmth that lingers pleasantly on the tongue.
Our objective with Curado Cupreata Tequila is to pay homage to the remarkable history of the agave plant. This extraordinary spirit is a testament to our commitment to sourcing the finest agave expressions, respecting their origins, and creating a product that encapsulates the full story of this extraordinary plant.

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Curado Cupreata Tequila is a true innovation in the world of spirits, bridging the gap between the diverse categories of Agave distillates. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exceptional tequila boasts a distinctive flavour profile that sets it apart from the rest.
The journey to creating Curado Cupreata Tequila begins with the selection of the finest agaves, each handpicked from their place of origin, where they express their wildest and most unique characteristics. These agaves undergo their respective cooking processes, expertly tailored to each region (Arandas, Jalisco for Blue Weber; Valles de Oaxaca for Espadin; and Morelia Michoacán for the Cupreata variety). This dedication to preserving the authentic flavours of each agave variety ensures a rich and diverse sensory experience in every sip.
Upon distillation, we take this 100% Blue Weber agave-based tequila to the next level by infusing it with carefully cooked agave of different varieties. This infusion results in a truly special agave-infused tequila, where the essence of the various agave types harmoniously blends with the base spirit.

More Information
Real Barcode8437009805855
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeCork
Bullet Point 1An innovative spirit that serves as a bridge between different Agave distillates, offering a unique and exciting drinking experience.
Bullet Point 2Crafted from a special recipe and ingredients, this tequila boasts an aromatic profile of white pepper with a subtle acidity, culminating in a delightful touch of chili on the palate.
Bullet Point 3Curado carefully gather the wildest expressions of various agave types from their respective places of origin. After undergoing the traditional cooking process, they are taken to our distillery for the next step.
Bullet Point 4The agaves used for the infusion of Cured Tequila are sourced from local harvests and producers, each region adhering to their unique cooking techniques. Blue Weber from Arandas/Jalisco, Espadin from Valles de Oaxaca, and Cupreata from Morelia Michoacán.
Bullet Point 5Curados ultimate goal is to seek and showcase the finest agave expressions, capturing the rich history of this plant in every bottle of our new product - Curado Tequila.
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