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Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin (700ml - 40%)

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Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin: A Nostalgic Sip of British Heritage

Step into the rich tapestry of British gin history with Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin, a 700ml bottle of liquid nostalgia. With an alcohol content of 40%, this gin captures the essence of a bygone era, delivering a taste that pays homage to the roots of this beloved spirit.

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An old tom gin from the gin lane 1751 range, created by the Bloomsbury club and Charles Maxwell of Thames distillers. Sweeter than your standard gin, old tom gins are excellent in cocktails like the Martinez. A sweeter style gin, increased the star anise botanical and added a touch of refined sugar to create a full-bodied, perfectly balanced gin. Traditionally, old tom gin should never be barrel aged nor have any colour to the liquid.

Key Features:

1. Traditional Old Tom Style

Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin revives the traditional Old Tom style, harkening back to the gin-drinking culture of 18th-century London. This unique and slightly sweeter gin style bridges the gap between the boldness of London Dry and the sweetness of Genever.

2. 700ml Bottle Size

The generous 700ml bottle ensures you have ample supply to savour the nuanced flavours and share the experience with friends. Its classic design pays tribute to the historical aesthetics of gin production, adding an element of authenticity to your gin collection.

3. 40% Alcohol Content

With a 40% alcohol by volume (ABV), Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin strikes a perfect balance, allowing the botanicals to shine while delivering a smooth and satisfying sip. This makes it versatile for both sipping neat and crafting classic cocktails that require a nuanced gin character.

4. Distinctive British Heritage

Immerse yourself in the essence of British heritage as you uncork Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin. The carefully curated botanical blend and production methods evoke the spirit of a bygone era, inviting you to experience a taste of history with each pour.

Savour the Essence of History:

Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin is not just a beverage; it's a journey through time. As you sip this gin, imagine the cobblestone streets of historic London and the lively gin culture that once flourished in the city's taverns.

Indulge in Gin Lane 1751 Today:

Experience the nostalgia and craftsmanship of Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin. Order your 700ml bottle now and embark on a tasteful journey through the annals of British gin history, one sip at a time.

More Information
ManufacturerGin Lane 1751
BrandGin Lane 1751
CountryUnited Kingdom
Real Barcode5060119770176
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeCork
Bullet Point 1A smooth, full-flavored gin with a softer and slightly sweet profile
Bullet Point 2Made with 100 percent refined sugarcane
Bullet Point 3Silky and smooth with a sweet, yet dry taste profile
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