Turtle Lager 12 x 330ml

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Turtle Lager 12 x 330ml
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Turtle Lager 12 x 330ml Turtle Lager 12 x 330ml


Sea Turtle Conservation There are 7 different species of sea turtles in the world, and in Cape Verde we can find 5 of them, but the only one nesting in the archipelago are the Loggerhead turtles or Caretta caretta 6 of the 7 are now listed as threatened of extinction due to poaching, loss of nesting areas, light pollution, accidental catch and of course ocean pollutants such as plastics. Project Biodiversity works for the protection of wildlife in the Cape Verdean island of Sal against poaching and unsustainable development. Every year hundreds of sea turtles are saved and tens of thousands of new-born turtles released into the sea, making sure that our future generations have the chance to share the oceans with them.

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Vintage NV
Origin UK
Manufacturer The Beer Company
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