Iordanov Union Jack Vodka - 700ml


Iordanov Union Jack Vodka - 700ml

Best served with light bites and canapes

Produced in one of Germany's oldest distilleries based in the historic town of Koblenz|The vodka is produced from 100% fine wheat and is distilled 5 times|Smooth and velvety, with a rich and aromatic flavour|Each bottle is decorated with crystal encrusted
This boutique vodka brand focuses on the very essence of the word quality. The quality of the vodka, sure, but also the quality of the entire experience. The quality of the crystal-embellished bottle to look at and to touch; the quality of the taste in its purest form; and the quality of the journey the customer will experience from the process of creation, to purchase of the product, through to the perfect pour. Iordanov vodka, pronouned yor-da-nov, is a super premium, mild, aromatic vodka.

Alchohol Percentage: 40%

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Iordanov Union Jack Vodka - 700ml

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