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Old Mout Cider Pineapple and Raspberry (12 x 500ml - 4.0%)

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Old Mout Cider Pineapple and Raspberry from the lush landscapes of New Zealand! This unique blend captures the irresistible tropical flavors of juicy pineapples and tangy raspberries, creating a cider that is refreshingly exotic and undeniably delicious.

Crafted with care and expertise, Old Mout Cider Pineapple and Raspberry is made using the finest quality pineapples and ripe raspberries sourced from the bountiful orchards of New Zealand.  The result is a harmonious fusion of flavors that perfectly balances the sweetness of the pineapples with the vibrant tartness of the raspberries.

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Old Mout Cider Pineapple and Raspberry is a tantalizing fusion of tropical sweetness and juicy berries that will transport your taste buds to paradise. This delightful cider is crafted with care, combining the succulent flavors of sun-ripened pineapples and tangy raspberries to create a refreshingly unique and satisfying beverage.

The Old Mout Cider Pineapple and Raspberry begins with the finest quality apples, carefully selected for their crispness and natural sweetness.  Infused with the tropical essence of succulent pineapples, each sip unveils a burst of exotic flavors that instantly whisk you away to a beachside getaway.  The vibrant pineapple notes add a luscious, juicy character that perfectly balances the cider's inherent apple base.

More Information
ManufacturerOld Mout
BrandOld Mout
CountryNew Zealand
Real Barcode5060745352340
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeCrown Cap
Bullet Point 1Old Mout Cider Pineapple and Raspberry, a tantalizing fusion of exotic flavors straight from the picturesque orchards of New Zealand.
Bullet Point 2This refreshing cider combines the tropical sweetness of juicy pineapples with the tangy allure of succulent raspberries, creating a delightful burst of flavor with every sip.
Bullet Point 3Made from hand-picked fruits and using traditional cider-making techniques, this cider boasts a perfect balance of natural sweetness and a crisp, clean finish, making it the ideal companion for relaxed evenings and vibrant celebrations.
Bullet Point 4 Indulge in the taste of New Zealand's finest with Old Mout Cider Pineapple and Raspberry – a true tropical paradise in every sip.
Bullet Point 5Crafted with care and expertise, Old Mout Cider Pineapple and Raspberry captures the essence of summer in a single bottle, transporting your taste buds to sun-kissed beaches and lush, tropical gardens.
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