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Nemiroff De Luxe Ukrainian Vodka (1750ml - 40%)

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Nemiroff De Luxe Ukrainian Vodka is a truly exceptional spirit that embodies the essence of Ukrainian craftsmanship and premium quality. Meticulously crafted using time-honored traditions and the finest locally sourced ingredients, this vodka represents the pinnacle of Ukrainian distilling mastery.

Nemiroff De Luxe Ukrainian Vodka is meticulously crafted using only the finest Ukrainian grains, renowned for their purity and richness. These carefully selected grains undergo a rigorous distillation process, resulting in a vodka of exceptional smoothness and character.

This premium vodka is made with the utmost care, incorporating traditional methods passed down through generations of skilled Ukrainian distillers. The expertise and craftsmanship poured into every bottle of Nemiroff De Luxe Vodka ensure a spirit that is truly authentic and unmatched in quality.


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Experience the unparalleled excellence of Nemiroff De Luxe Ukrainian Vodka, a spirit that embodies the very essence of Ukrainian artistry and uncompromising quality. Through the implementation of time-honored traditions and the use of the finest locally sourced ingredients, this vodka stands as a testament to the pinnacle of Ukrainian distilling mastery.
At the heart of Nemiroff De Luxe lies an exquisite selection of Ukrainian grains, revered for their unparalleled purity and opulence. These meticulously chosen grains are subjected to a rigorous distillation process, resulting in a vodka of extraordinary smoothness and distinct character.

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Real Barcode4820181425104
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeScrew Cap
Bullet Point 1VODKA WITH CHARACTER. Nemiroff De Luxe is a premium product with strong character made for stout-hearted men. The drink is made to reflect the original recipe and keeps with high production standards
Bullet Point 2REFINED, RICH TASTE. High pressure, temperature, and 11 stages of filtration make Nemiroff De Luxe a symphony of refined, rich taste with a light linden flower flavour
Bullet Point 3NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Production is based on natural ingredients, pure water, and premium-class grain alcohol. We constantly implement innovations, while experimenting with technologies and taste; renovate old and create new recipes based on high-quality n
Bullet Point 4AWARD WINNING. The quality of the drink has gained acclaim from international experts and golden awards such as: The Global Spirits Masters International Competition, The, and John Barleycorn Awards
Bullet Point 5BOLD CHARACTER SINCE 1872. Nemiroff is a brand with a 150-year history presented in 5 continents. The principles in which Nemiroff Company follows until now were formed 150 years ago: high quality standards, keeping with ancient recipes, constant producti
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