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Montelobos Espadin Joven Mezcal (700ml - 43.2%)

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Upon distillation, our mezcal is artfully small-batch distilled to perfection, preserving the distinct characteristics of the Espadin agave. The result is a smooth, clean, and well-rounded mezcal that entices the senses with its aromatic complexities and a refined, velvety finish.
Montelobos Espadin Joven Mezcal is a true testament to the heritage and traditions of Mexico, celebrating the time-honoured methods of mezcal production while embracing sustainable practices for a more conscious future.

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Montelobos Espadin Joven Mezcal is an extraordinary unaged joven mezcal that embodies the essence of traditional craftsmanship and organic cultivation. Carefully crafted from the finest Espadin agave plants, this mezcal offers a unique and unforgettable taste experience.
Grown and nurtured with utmost dedication, our organic Espadin agave is cultivated with the utmost respect for the environment, ensuring that each bottle of Montelobos represents a sustainable and responsible choice for mezcal enthusiasts.
The production process of Montelobos Espadin Joven Mezcal is a labour of love. The heart of the agave, or "piña," is roasted underground in a time-honoured technique that allows the flavours to develop and intensify, creating a harmonious blend of sweetness and subtle smoke. This traditional approach, combined with the expertise of our skilled artisans, results in a mezcal that boasts a delightful balance of flavours.

More Information
ManufacturerCampari Group
Real Barcode7503018819075
Contains AlcoholYes
Seal TypeCork
Bullet Point 1Montelobos Espadin Joven Mezcal is an unaged joven mezcal, meaning it hasn't undergone any aging process, resulting in a vibrant and pure expression of the agave flavours.
Bullet Point 2This mezcal is made from meticulously cultivated organic Espadin agave, emphasizing the brand's commitment to using high-quality and sustainable ingredients.
Bullet Point 3The traditional production process involves roasting the Espadin agave underground, a method known as "pit-roasting," which imparts unique smoky notes to the final product.
Bullet Point 4Small-batch distillation ensures a carefully controlled and refined process, allowing the master distillers to achieve a harmonious balance of sweetness and subtle smokiness in the mezcal.
Bullet Point 5Montelobos Espadin Joven Mezcal is a premium spirit that celebrates the rich heritage of mezcal-making, offering consumers an authentic and delightful taste experience with every sip.
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